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Hurricane Season: The Whole Home Generator Option

Will the next storm be the 'big one' ?Even the forecasters on the nightly news are not able to always accurately predict if a hurricane is going to build up strength and hit Louisiana, or just be an inconvenience of rain. Be prepared for the worst, and if it ever happens you and your family will be safer and comfortable.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home Standby Generator

Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, specifically New Orleans.  Thousands of homes and businesses were without electricity - some for nearly a month. This is of course the worst case scenario, but it is a possibility for which you should be prepare.

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

What are the benefits?
Simply put, the major benefit of a whole house generator is you'll never be without power, regardless of the circumstances. The ability to switch between grid and generator power is a bonus for those who live where electrical outages are common. A whole house generator means your power is always on.

Should I purchase a whole house generator?
In South Louisiana, there will always be a risk of power outages, whether from a thunderstorm or a hurricane.