Commercial and Residential Generators

The strength and focus of Genstar Power Services, LLC is high quality customer service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best parts and service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our service technicians are trained and certified to troubleshoot and correct problems on all engine generator systems, both mechanical and electrical. Our service vehicles are equipped with a parts inventory and the latest in tools and test equipment. We can provide full rated load bank testing and certification with our resistive load banks.

Genstar offers you service support for both routine maintenance schedules and emergencies. In addition, we maintain a vast stock of manufacturer’s genuine parts, both mechanical and electrical, to ensure that your routine and emergency situations can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Let us customize a service plan to meet your specific needs.

Emergency Response

Genstar's service technicians have the experience and expertise to handle an emergency situation and have your standby power system on line as quickly as possible. We perform repairs on all diesel and gas engines, and all generator sets, regardless of manufacturer. Each service technician is trained on both the mechanical and electrical systems, giving them the unique ability to service the complete system.

Preventive Maintenance

Should you purchase a preventive maintenance contract? If you want assurance that your generator will be in optimum condition and ready to perform in a power outage, then the answer is YES.

Genstar offers Preventive Maintenance Contracts that are customized to your specific needs. Our trained technicians will perform inspections that include fluid and filter changes, environmental safe disposal of used fluids, and complete testing of the system. Early detection allows us to correct minor problems before they become major situations with high repair costs. Spark plugs, hoses, ignition systems, batteries, belt adjustments and exhaust checks all require regular maintenance. Allow Genstar to maintain your generator system and be assured of peak performance.

Load Bank Testing

Standby power systems are required for most critical applications. However, because of their critical nature, these standby power systems are rarely tested under full load. A Load Bank Test can check your system through a series of loads up to a full load condition, without affecting the critical load. Conducting a Load Bank Test provides you with the following advantages:
  • Assurance of the unit's overall reliability to perform in an emergency condition
  • Confirms the standby system’s ability to carry a full load and remain at full load without a shutdown
  • Evaluates critical aspects of the engine system such as oil and fuel pressure
  • Removes harmful carbon deposits
  • Complies with NFPA & Joint Commission requirements
After a Load Bank Test, a detailed report of the test is provided along with any additional service recommendations.

Genstar's Load Bank Testing will lengthen the life of your standby equipment and provide the assurance your standby power system will operate as specified when you need it the most.